March 20, 2023

Where was Fosca Innocenti filmed? Arezzo, a Tuscan city with a millennia-long history, is the main location where the four episodes of the first series were shot. The new TV series, produced by Mediaset and starring the beautiful and talented Vanessa Incontrada, was filmed in our splendid Arezzo. If you're curious and passionate, in this article, we'll reveal all the locations chosen by the producer Banijay Studios, providing an opportunity to visit Arezzo. If you wish to spend more days, our hotel will be happy to accommodate you and is the perfect solution for exploring the city as we are just a few steps away from the historic center where scenes from Fosca Innocenti were filmed.

Episode No. 1 - The Angel's Strike and Episode No. 2 - The Night of Deceptions. Fosca Innocenti (Vanessa Incontrada) is the deputy chief of police of the city of Arezzo. In this four-episode miniseries, she finds herself solving complex cases with her team while managing her love life with Cosimo (Francesco Arca).

The first episode opens with Fosca riding her beautiful white horse amidst the unspoiled nature, passing through a field of sunflowers until reaching home. The production identified a beautiful farmhouse in Montecchio Vesponi in the province of Arezzo, specifically in Castiglion Fiorentino (many sites mistakenly indicated Montecchio in Umbria).

The Valdichiana area is definitely worth a day trip. A few minutes' drive from the center of Arezzo, you can visit beautiful villages like Castiglion Fiorentino, Cortona, Lucignano, and Monte San Savino, just to name a few.

The entire episode revolves around a failed robbery. The criminals rob the "Tuscan Credit," but the heist goes wrong, resulting in two deaths, a customer, and a robber. This scene was filmed in Piazza della Libertà in the historic center of Arezzo. Some curiosities: The building with the tower is the Town Hall of Arezzo, the building where Ricky the Tramp sleeps is the seat of the Province of Arezzo, and the Banca Toscana building is the venue for the exhibition "The Colors of the Saracen Joust." Behind the criminals, you can see the beautiful cathedral of Arezzo.

Every first Sunday of the month and the preceding Saturday, the square hosts the Antiques Fair. Fosca and her team are based in the police station located in the beautiful Piazza Grande, surely the most beautiful and suggestive place in the entire city. A square with a strong slope where all sides are small works of art, palaces built in different eras create a breathtaking stage; there is no main viewpoint; every corner is to be discovered.

Piazza Grande is in the heart of the historic center of Arezzo. Some curiosities: The police station is inside the Palazzo della Fraternita dei Laici, which has more than 700 years of history. Next to the police station, you can see the apse of the Romanesque Parish Church of Santa Maria Assunta, and beside the police station are the famous Logge designed by Giorgio Vasari. Twice a year, a historical reenactment called the Saracen Joust takes place here. Also in Piazza Grande, you can find the stalls of the Antiques Fair every first Sunday of the month, and from mid-November to late December, it hosts the famous Christmas market.

In the first episode, there are many locations featured in Fosca Innocenti. Here are the most important ones:

  • Cosimo's "Chiantineria" is a restaurant in Via di Seteria, just a few steps from Piazza Grande.
  • The "Grand Café" is the oldest café in the city called Caffè dei Costanti in Piazza S. Francesco, already a location for La Vita è Bella.
  • Mrs. Barberis's house is the Tenuta di S.Fabiano, 10m from the city.
  • The thermal baths are in Bagno Vignoni in the province of Siena, about 30m away.
  • The courthouse is the current seat of the tribunal.

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