Where to park

All hotels within the ancient walls do not have private parking, but there are many options available.

Please note for the Christmas period

During the Christmas in the City event, all parking arrangements will change and access to the city will be restricted to traffic on some days. It is recommended to call the hotel for the latest information.

Enjoy Our Experiences

The experiences offered by our hotel are unique and carefully selected. Avoid the stress of having to plan your stay, our activities are all-inclusive and include overnight accommodations and hands-on activities all within the same facility or within walking distance in the historic center.

The Jeweler Craftsman

Discover the art of jewelry making with a one-night stay at Hotel Continentale and an exclusive workshop. Create your own unique piece of jewelry guided by local master artisans.

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The Art of Gelato Making

Immerse yourself in the delightful world of Italian gelato with our Craft Your Flavor workshop. Led by a master gelato maker, you'll learn to create various flavors, from classic favorites to unique combinations inspired by local Tuscan desserts.

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Ceramic Creations

Under the guidance of our experienced ceramic artisans, you will embark on a hands-on journey that will unveil the secrets of this ancient craft. From the initial selection of clay to the final glazing and firing, you will master the fundamental techniques that transform this ordinary material into objects of extraordinary beauty and allure.

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