May 30, 2021

Visit Arezzo during the antiques market

Every first Sunday of the month and Saturday before in the amazing Etruscan town of Arezzo, in the heart of Tuscany, the narrow and steep streets of the historic centre, come alive with more than 300 exhibitors from all over Italy.

The Arezzo Antiques Fair is the oldest and largest event in Italy, born from an intuition of Ivan Bruschi (returning from London after seeing Porto Bello) has recently celebrated 50 years of history (first edition June 1968) but does not stop attracting fans and tourists from around the world in search of unique and antique objects.

If you love collecting antiques, furnishing your home with design objects or simply love  vintage, you absolutely must visit this beautiful antiques market.

If you have never visited Arezzo you have surely missed a small pearl surrounded by green Tuscany, the birthplace of Petrarca and Vasari is an ancient jewel, perfectly preserved and worth visiting both for the many artistic and cultural attractions, (like the fabulous frescoes by Piero della Francesca, the Vasari house, the Roman amphitheater with its fantastic museum and much more) both for the natural spaces in the surroundings.

During the weekend of the Antiques Fair, the city of Arezzo becomes alive and animated with many people walking in the streets of the historical centre for the pleasure of discovery rare and particular piece.

The antiques fair is not comparable to a classic “flea market” is a high-level event, perhaps the largest of all the antiques markets, where you can find :

  • Art objects
  • Furniture
  • Jewellery and bijoux
  • Watches
  • Books and prints
  • Scientific and Musical Instruments
  • Old Toys & Games
  • Collectibles
  • Quality handicrafts
  • Vintage items
  • Modern antiques

The Antiques Fair takes place in the upper part of the old town, from Via Guido Monaco to Piazza della Libertà (where the Arezzo Town Hall is located) and through one of the most beautiful squares in Italy, Piazza Grande.

You can find more information on the official website.

Piazza Grande (or Piazza Vasari) alone is worth the visit to Arezzo, a unique and beautiful setting, entering from Via di Seteria the view takes your breath away, irregularly shaped and with a steep slope, it is characterized by buildings from different eras that face each other as if on a stage.

The heart of medieval Arezzo, the square has often changed face over the years, especially in the 16th century when the splendid “Palazzo delle Logge” was built, designed by Giorgio Vasari.

But Arezzo is not only a beautiful city worth visiting, in Arezzo time seems to stand still, the pace is slow and the city is enveloped in a silence that takes you back in time, away from the chaos and traffic.
Strolling around the city is a timeless experience, a stop in one of the many typical trattorias or osterias to eat local products is a must. In Arezzo you can eat well anywhere, the city has recently been rated as the best place to eat in Tuscany.

We recommend the ancient Osteria Agania, a short walk from the Fair, but there are many places where you can find very good typical dishes.

If you have time, visit the house where Vasari was born, the Cathedral, the Medici Fortress and the Ivan Bruschi House Museum and the Mumec, the Museum of Media.

For tourist information, I recommend visiting the official portal of the Municipality of Arezzo Discover Arezzo,  which is always up-to-date.

Take advantage of the Antiques Fair to also visit the city and dedicate at least two days to the local sights. Stay in our hotel in the historic centre, which allows you to leave your car in the garage on Friday and walk around for the entire weekend.
Don’t miss a cocktail on the sixth-floor terrace with a breathtaking view of the ancient city.

Chi Siamo

Hotel Continentale: located in the heart of Arezzo's historic center, offers a warm and family-friendly atmosphere nurtured over three generations. Modern elegance and luxurious comfort combine to create a unique experience, ideal for business and leisure stays. The iconic sixth-floor panoramic terrace with a view of the ancient city will take your breath away.




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