November 26, 2022

Original travel ideas that will grow your wish list

Are you thinking about your next vacation? You’ve probably already started surfing the Internet looking for original ideas, right?

After all, there are hundreds of millions (maybe even billions) of other people doing exactly the same thing. But have you ever thought about flipping the idea of “getting away from it all” and looking at it from a completely different angle? In our fast-paced world, we can easily fall into a routine when it comes to our lives in general and our vacations in particular. We all have our favorite resorts, cities, islands and activities, so much so that we tend to go back again and again. The problem is that after a while, vacations no longer seem new or exciting and become something we check off our list once a year. Luckily, we’re here, and in this post we take you to discover a little hidden gem of Tuscany.

Traveling for the sake of traveling

At the heart of any trip is the desire to explore and experience new places, cultures and ways of life. The problem is that as time passes we tend to get stuck in the routine of our daily lives, making it increasingly difficult to experience new things. If you can step out of your comfort zone and experience new things, even for a short period of time, you can rekindle that sense of wonder and amazement that every child feels when looking at the world for the first time. As adults, you can rediscover the pure joy of traveling by putting yourself in unfamiliar and frightening situations. Traveling to an unfamiliar place whose language or customs you do not know can be the perfect opportunity to experience the purest form of travel. You can also go further and try living like a local. By immersing yourself in the daily lives of people who live in a different culture, you can experience and learn things very different from your everyday life.

But we often travel thousands of miles from home and don’t realize that around the corner are places of breathtaking beauty.

Going somewhere you have never been before

If you are thinking of going on vacation, you might consider choosing a destination where you have never been before. If you travel often, you probably have a list of places you want to visit. While that list may seem like the perfect vacation itinerary, it may also be what keeps you from experiencing something truly new and different. By choosing an unfamiliar destination, you can experience a vacation that feels new and exciting, no matter how many times you have been to that place. You can create your own stories, memories and experiences. You can meet new people and have a truly unique experience. It is also a great way to challenge yourself. By going somewhere you have never been before, you can push yourself to go beyond your comfort zone and try something new.

We recommend visiting our magnificent Arezzo, a city with roots dating back thousands of years that like a little treasure chest holds history, art, culture eat well and nature.

Try new experiences or learn something

While visiting new places and having new experiences is certainly an important part of traveling, so is learning new things. If you want to do something different during your vacation, but don’t want to visit a new place, you can also try new experiences or learn a new skill. For example, if you want to reach the top of a mountain but don’t want to travel, you can try hiking on a local mountain. If you want to learn to surf but don’t want to travel, you can try surfing in a river or lake. If you want to practice yoga but don’t want to travel, you can try doing it in your hometown. If you want to learn more about a particular place, you can also find local courses, such as language courses. You can also enroll in a travel course offered by an online university.

We provide you with a magic link that will make your stay in Arezzo unique, a catalog of experiences to do it yourself..


Vivere come una persona del posto

Visitare la toscana facendo qualche cosa di nuovo e vivendo come una persona del posto. Potete provare a conoscere la vita quotidiana delle persone che vivono in un luogo diverso, mangiando il loro cibo, bevendo le loro bevande, parlando la loro lingua e partecipando alle loro attività culturali. In questo modo si può imparare a conoscere un nuovo luogo e allo stesso tempo viverlo. Potete conoscere la cultura e la storia di quel luogo e allo stesso tempo divertirvi. E non c’è bisogno di viaggiare in un nuovo luogo per farlo: potete farlo ad Arezzo nella splendida Toscana.

Live like a local

In today’s society, many people are always looking for the next big thing. We want to go to the most luxurious place, eat the most expensive food and buy the latest and greatest things. However, instead of looking for the most expensive vacation and the most fashionable destination why not go to a much more real and authentic place where tourists are not seen as leggy credit cards and where eating in a restaurant or buying in the market is the same experience as the locals.

The new luxury lies precisely in the simplicity of things, eating in a typical trattoria, taking a walk in unspoiled nature, having an aperitif among the locals.

Which hotel to choose in Arezzo

If we have intrigued you and if you want to have an original vacation with your partner or family, book in our hotel.

Hotel Continentale is a family-run hotel that has been welcoming tourists visiting the City for three generations.

Staying with us means enjoying your vacation without ever taking the car except for a few out-of-town excursions as all the beauties of the city are within walking distance from us.


To sum up, the next time you think about planning your next vacation, challenge yourself to do something different. Traveling somewhere you have never been before or visiting a lesser-known place can be a great way to experience something new. Or you can try new experiences, such as learning a new skill, living like a local or practicing simplicity.


Chi Siamo

Hotel Continentale: located in the heart of Arezzo's historic center, offers a warm and family-friendly atmosphere nurtured over three generations. Modern elegance and luxurious comfort combine to create a unique experience, ideal for business and leisure stays. The iconic sixth-floor panoramic terrace with a view of the ancient city will take your breath away.




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